Centre for the Study
of Emotions in
Cross-Cultural Exchange


The Centre was established in early 2017 with the goal of fostering collaboration between scholars in the field of the History of Emotions, especially in relation to its cross-cultural dimensions. The timeframe is conceived widely – from Antiquity to the present day – to encompass the multiple cultural traditions shaping collective emotions and identities in Europe. Geographically, our focus is South East Europe, the area between the Adriatic and Black Seas, however we welcome research on other contact zones in any period as providing common ground for comparative study, and the exchange of methodological approaches to the study of emotion through situations of cultural encounter, conflict, and exchange.

We invite scholars from a range of disciplines - cultural and literary historians, art historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, social scientists, cross-cultural psychologists and the biological sciences - as we believe a multi-perspectival approach is critical in a field as rich and complex as 'emotion'. Visiting scholars are encouraged to present their projects in formal and informal surroundings, or join our 2017 workshops, and we invite interested researchers to get in touch with the Centre so we can build a network of those working on related materials within and outside the region.