Entangled Histories of Gender in the Medieval Mediterranean World - Brisbane - 5 May 2018

The fifth seminar in the 'Entangled Histories of Emotions in the Mediterranean World' series, 'Entangled Histories of Gender in the Medieval Mediterranean World' is taking place in Brisbane on Saturday (05 May 2018).

This workshop will focus on gender as a product and driver of interactions in the medieval Mediterranean, especially France, Spain, Italy, North Africa and the Holy Land. Through a number of case studies, the workshop asks how gender and emotion both inform and are reflected in historical relationships between people, places, and things. It will also broadly interrogate whether the well-worn idea of gender as a category of analysis can still serve as a fruitful framework/paradigm for the transcultural, multivalent and deeply relational histories – or entangled histories – of the medieval Mediterranean.

The seminar is taking place at The University of Queensland.

The program of the event can be downloaded here.